Solar Power Perth Helps Reduce Global Warming

There is an increasing demand and popularity for solar power today as people are well aware of the many benefits of solar power. Though there are many benefits associated with solar power Perth, help with saving money and providing a cleaner environment come foremost in the list.

Though you may have to make a sizable one-time investment to install a solar power system in your home, in the long run, this long term investment helps you save lots of money. It helps to dramatically lower your home electricity bills. In fact, many homeowners who use solar power Perth experience at least a 50% to a maximum of 100% decrease in their electricity bills.

Help control your electricity costs

Before installing a solar power system, the solar power company first analyzes your electric usage and rates and accordingly, designs the perfect solar power system that helps maximize your savings. Of course, the exact amount of electricity you save is based on your individual electricity requirements, your home’s available space and the system’s orientation.

Considering the fact that electricity costs keep rising, with an almost 21% hike in the past 5 years, solar power Perth effectively controls and helps prevent any hike in your electricity costs. Moreover, as solar power is free, no matter how much an increase there is in electricity costs, you have free solar power to depend on and use.

Helps control global warming

Besides helping you save money, solar power Perth is also clean on the environment. On an average, American households generate about 7.4 tons of Carbon Dioxide annually because of electricity usage. This carbon dioxide creates global warming that causes glacier loss, erosion of shorelines and endangers many animals in the world. Using solar energy, you reduce the amount of coal and nuclear energy required to power your home, and eventually preserve the earth’s dwindling supply of non-renewable resources.

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